Powerful screening

  • We receive daily updates from Thomson Reuters World-Check to stay up-to-date
  • We use complex scanning and matching algorithms to make sure your data is protected
  •  We work with comprehensive reporting and research material


Scan against the Thomson Reuters World-Check Watchlist by entering a name, or uploading a batch file of names, and choosing your organisation’s unique matching criteria.


Review & Research

Review full profile details of scan match results and research the individuals or companies that were identified as matches, to determine if they are true or false matches.

Record Decisions

Record due diligence decisions, risk assessments and comments against all matches. A whitelist is created, based on decisions recorded, to eliminate the false positive matches identified, from future scans.


Years of experience in screening.  We have done more than 200.000 verifications



Our encrypted data is transmitted securely at the same encoding level as leading banks and government bodies


Globally approved KYC

The Ministry of Justice granted us the license for screening. Our KYC is approved in every country

Data partners

We work in partnership only with the world’s best providers for KYC & AML


Automatic KYC

We offer both manual and automatic screening depends on your request


We provide the highest value at the lowest price

Watchlist: Sanctions, PEP and +300 international resources

World-Check provides global coverage of senior Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), their relatives, close associates and the companies they have a connection to.
We do the research from over 100,000 reputable sources in 60+ languages to compile. We have the database of more than 40 non-Latin scripts. This makes us able to do screening in the original script without translating it
To ensure your screening results are up-to-date, we check the World-Check lists updates twice a day

Total profiles

Global PEP profiles

Digital Identity Verification

Digital Identity verification enables global payment processor to lift 92% of AML restrictions. We work with the best world’s data providers, such as Mitek. Payments companies around the world leverage Mitek’s identity verification solutions to help satisfy AML and KYC requirements. 

We use Mitek’s advanced AI and machine learning algorithms that help provide KYC-compliant identity verification for all customers. In this way, the onboarding process will go smoothly.

Contact us via

Phone: +31 (0)85 060 8999

Email: kyc@pescheck.nl